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What Is Truth?

Is there a universal truth,
or is it different for different people?
truth /tro͞oTH/
  1. the true or actual state of a matter
  2. conformity with fact or reality; verity
What God established is the reality that exists, whether we accept it or not. God revealed this reality through His Word, Jesus Christ, who said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Our desire is that these resources will point you to the Way, help you know Truth and how it is applied in life.

Grace and Truth vs. Grace or Truth

Daddy cuddles three-year old Susie after he applies discipline. Farmer Brown chases the neighbor’s cows out of his corn field after alerting Neighbor Joe as to where his cows had been and completes the job by repairing and strengthening the fence. Jesus graciously told the woman taken in adultery, “Go and sin no more.” The […]
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A Word from the Lord

“I have a word from the Lord for you,” is a frequently made statement in far too many Christian circles today. It sounds so personal – that God would actually give a special message to someone who then passes it on to you. But can such pronouncements be trusted? Are such statements based on objective […]
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About Us

Our mission was born in the 1980s to proclaim Truth to a church in apostasy. In 1999 we redirected our focus to warn and encourage the remnant to remain faithful in the Truth.

In 2021 we needed to reincorporate as an Indiana nonprofit and decided to change the name to better reflect our mission and purpose in the 21st century.
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